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We might all be a bit jaded by the word Brexit, but what impact would it potentially have on the workplace?

ACAS has issued some new guidance on Brexit to help employees and employers to understand the impact of all possibilities for what might happen.  If we leave the EU we all need to know what it will mean for our jobs and for those who work for us.

The guidance looks at key questions including the rights of EU citizens working in the UK.  It also looks at changes to legislation and the impact of Brexit on employment tribunal and court decisions.  At the moment we have the right of appeal to EU courts, but how would this change after Brexit?

ACAS also gives links to government technical guidance, including how to prepare for a no deal Brexit. The guidance also encourages talking to employees about Brexit and how it might affect both them and the business.

If you want any detailed advice about this, just contact usWe can’t solve the problems being faced by our politicians, but we’ll try to help find your way forward. 


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