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It is not long since we all first heard about furlough leave, and at Middleton Law Ltd we’ve had a number of people phone us and ask about it. Here are some of the more unusual things we’ve been asked. Things are moving fairly fast at the moment. These answers are all correct as of today’s date, which is 9th April 2020.

“When I’m on furlough leave, do I still get my commission?”

The answer to that is yes – if it is contractual commission that has accrued before the start of the furlough leave. Once furloughed, you don’t actually do any work, so there wouldn’t be any commission earned.

“My employer is making me redundant. Can I ask to be furloughed for my notice period, so that I wouldn’t have to work for them any more?”

Not sure this is a good thing for you, as you’d probably only receive 80% of your pay. Also, it’s something that an employer can suggest, and not something that an employee can insist on.

“Can I get another job whilst I’m on furlough leave?”

As from the latest clarification issued yesterday, you can. This means that you would receive 80% of your current salary and 100% of your new salary.

“Do I still get my car allowance paid when I’m furloughed?”

Sorry to say, but car allowance and the monetary equivalent of other benefits such as health insurance would not be payable under the CJR Scheme.

“If I am on furlough leave, do I have to cancel my holiday next week?”

Whilst I’m not sure how you can go anywhere, you also can’t be on two different types of leave at once. This means that you can still take annual leave, but you wouldn’t be on furlough leave for that period. The guidance today is now clear regarding how you would be paid, ie you must be paid at full pay for annual leave.


At present things are changing or being updated almost every day. If you have any questions or want guidance on any of this fast-moving topic, just give us a call.

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