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Just a quick note from Kate Middleton at Middleton Law Ltd – hoping that you had a super Christmas and will have a fun New Year.

It has been a pleasure meeting you or working with you all this year, and thank you for your warm welcomes. Here’s to a happy healthy and prosperous 2016 –  and at the risk of sounding cheesy, whatever changes there may be in employment law (and I am sure there will be many), I’m here to support you to face them head-on and meet any challenges.

Just a small selection of the changes we have seen in 2015, and that might have an effect on you or on someone you know included :-

  • A new interpretation of what counts as working time – particularly when an employee works from home
  • Shared parental leave – watch out in 2016 for this being extended to grandparents
  • Does sleeping time count towards a calculation for minimum wage
  • Changes in race and disability discrimination
  • TUPE transfers – do they apply to those temporarily laid off
  • We had a consultation on simplifying the tax treatment of termination payments – watch out for changes being implemented in the next year or two
  • The European Court of Justice ruled on carrying over holiday if an employee is off sick, and set a limit on how long it could be carried forward from the end of the holiday year
  • The decision was (finally!) made to ban exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts
  • Plus other changes in employment status deliberations, collective redundancy, foreseeability in stress at work cases, and so much more

2015 was quite a year – now let’s look forward to 2016.

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