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If you have an apprentice working for you it is important to abide by the apprenticeship contract you have with them.  The Employment Tribunals have an upper limit of £25,000 that they can order to be paid in a breach of contract case.  An Employment Tribunal has awarded a maximum award in compensation to an apprentice roof- tiler.  His apprenticeship was ended early in breach of his contract. 

His employer terminated his employment when the apprentice had 122 weeks left to run.  The apprenticeship was supposed to be four years in length. The Tribunal noted that he would have been paid £24,217 if he had worked for the remainder of his apprenticeship.

The Tribunal also acknowledged the disadvantage to the apprentice in not obtaining his roofing qualification.  The compensation award was therefore increased to the maximum £25,000.

One more thing…

It is worth a quick extra note on this article that the employer had not entered a defence to the breach of contract claim.  There is an important point to remember here.  If your company faces any court or Tribunal proceedings always defend each and every claim that is made.  Otherwise you could lose a lot of money for something that could have been defended.

As always, if you have any further questions about employment contract breach why not contact our Kate Middleton for a bit of help and advice.


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