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A survey by online job board CV Library has found that one fifth of workplaces allow employees to bring in pets. So if you want to take your pet to work you can tell your boss that it’s really quite normal.

But what sort of pets do people take to work with them?

Dogs made up 87%; no surprise there as this is the type of pet that you would think of when considering pets in the workplace.

However, what we found slightly more surprising. was that cats made up 5% and rabbits made up 2%.

Taking a rabbit into work might sound unusual, but what about the remaining 6%?  What pet do they take to work with them.  The mind boggles!

Sorry guys, but it was found that men were much more likely to complain about pets in the workplace at 12% when compared to only 1% of women.  If employers are going to allow pets into the workplace it is suggested that clear rules are put in place.  There should also be appropriate risk assessments are carried out.

This is an issue that requires a large amount of common sense and some very clear guidelines on what the pet owners must do to take responsibility for their beloved pets in the workplace.


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