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This time last year we were all looking forward to the new concept of shared parental leave and the very complicated and picky rules that were associated with it.  In my practice and experience I have not seen a rush of keen parents looking to share parental leave, and it has rather fallen flat.  However, the next proposal is that working grandparents may also be entitled to take part in sharing the parental leave – if they meet certain eligibility criteria.

I can hear you all from here, groaning and saying ‘whatever next’ – but this could be useful in circumstances where there is a single parent family with grandparents looking after the little one.  However, this is going to consultation in 2016 and is unlikely to see the light of day until at least 2018, so there is time for the details to be ironed out and changed a few times yet.

I will keep a watchful eye open on your behalf so keep checking our website for further information, or give me a call to find out more.


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